Art works 

Neon for Berlin - View from Warschauer Straße 

In times of Covid 19 you see the pretty sides of your own country again. 
Baltic Sea - Germany

Bocas del Toro - Panama 

Bocas del Toro - the north east of Panama

Castle Sanssouci, Potsdam - Germany 

A sunny blue sky over the Acropolis


Athen - Greece 

Fernsehturm, Berlin - Germany 

Angkor Wat - Cambodia 

6 pm Wien Alterlaa - Austria 
Memory for life: Worldwide people were in quarantine and applauded from their homes for people who earn too less money and respect in normal life.

Paris - France 

The Eiffel Tower, Paris - France 

Playa Venao - Panama 

Bogotá- Colombia 

Poor parts of Panama City

Traveling through Latin America. Cartagena - Colombia. 

They call it „The city of Salsa“. Cali - Colombia. 

A Part of Panama- Bocas del Toro

Venedig at night. 

Life in colors. 

The poor areas - some people never forget where they came from. 

Summer in Berlin means crazy people, crazy locations and crazy experiences. Life is about being adventurous...

And again... cultural influences all over the world. 

Frankfurt Main - Germany; modern architecture clashes with intercultural habitants.

The Cologne Cathedral "Kölner Dom“ , Köln - Germany

I see humans with different cultures, religions, life stories, tastes, languages and the list could endlessly go on. But we all live next to each other. Using same water and same air. Only those differences make life interesting and beautiful.

TV Tower, Berlin - Germany 

Berlin - Germany

Had a great  exhibition with other artists in Cologne / Köln. Topic was "Cities Worldwide". Proud to see them all collected in one exposition.

Thousands of stories. 

Some of the city works are hanging in the real estate agency "Home & Living" on the Aachener Straßen 446 in Köln.

Imperfect colorful chaotic...


Adorable orange colors ... 

How do you imagine a "Drunken City" ?



Favela Rocinha, Rio de Janeiro- Brazil 



100 years of living without passion is 100 years without living.



At the pub Hillebrands on the Zülpicher Straße in Cologne / Köln you see this retro Mini Mouse and those wise words from the lyrics "Je veux" by ZAZ.




The japanease sign means "love".  

Go clubbing in the RedCatLounge in Köln!!


Project MiniTikki!!! 


Mini Tikki is a small trendy fashion store for kids. The owner asked me to paint some cute animals in my own style  for the store!!




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